Name of the Partners along with Institute membership number.   Educational   Membership No.
Partners Name   Qualification   I.C.A.I
Mr. Rajat Agrawal   FCA, DISA, Certified Bank Concurrent Auditor   065675
ii Ms. Aparna Agrawal    FCA   064651
iii Mr. Sourav Agarwal
  FCA   308066

Date of formation   :17th August, 1976    
Experience   47 years +    
Infrastructure :
Our firm has adequate infrastructure in terms of number of trained staff and computerized work enviornment which helps us in conducting the assignments smoothly.
Manpower Available :
(a) Chartered Accountants   5    
(b) Ex banker with enough Bank Audit Experience   1    
(c) Audit Semi Qualified Assistants   16    
(d) Other Staff   11    
TOTAL   33    
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